Business Club trip to New York

Stefan Silverio

Finance Director

(April 16, 2015) The Nantucket Business Club is one of the newest clubs at Nantucket High School (NHS). President and club founder Caleb Wursten started it in mid-September, with the goal of giving NHS students “a resource for information on corporate business and entrepreneurship.” Wursten went on to say, “my initial thought for the Nantucket Business Club was to somehow bring money into the club so that hopeful entrepreneurs could approach the club and seek funding for a business that they would like to start. What it’s become,” noted Wursten, “is something even better. The Nantucket Business Club now serves as an introductory resource to business and various business tactics for students. Some of these tactics include accounting, networking, marketing, and follow up strategies.” Wursten explained that, “the club has began to focus more on corporate business. This is a good thing since it’s what most people who are interested in business at the high school want to learn about.”

The Nantucket Business Club meets every Thursday at 2.20 in an NHS classroom. Every other Thursday, the club hosts a speaker from the community and meets in the LGI. Wursten explained that on the Thursdays when the club meets in the LGI, “all of the members arrive at 2.20 and talk about current business related events before the speaker comes in at 2.35. When the speaker arrives, he or she usually explains to the club what he or she does, how he or she found success in business, and gives members in the club advice about how they can achieve success in the business world as well. When the club meets in an NHS classroom, we participate in our Market Watch stock simulation game overseen by John Barone and plan the trip that we will likely be taking to New York City this Spring.”

So far, Wursten considers the club a huge success. “I think this club is successful primarily because of the highly qualified speakers that we have had. People like Randy Ringer, Khaled Hashem, Peter McEachern, Thomas Bresette, and the Senior Executive of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) who will be speaking at our next meeting all take interest in this club and come to speak.” Wursten noted that further evidence for the success of this club can be seen in the fact that, “in its first year it already has 12 regular members. Clubs like chess club have been around for three years only have three regular members. Also, the club is likely traveling to New York City to see the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in its first year with virtually no expense to its members.”

Wursten stated that if there was anything he would like to see changed in the club it would be “more community involvement. Instead of always importing the speaker to the LGI to talk to us, I would like to see the club export its members into the community so that they could get perhaps a more hands on experience.” Wursten also noted that he would like to see “leadership established in the club. Right now there’s just me, and I want to make sure people are ready to take over when I leave.”

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