Drama Club Boston-bound after successful year

Luci Bresette

Contributing writer

(April 16, 2015)  After a successful fall play and spring musical, the Nantucket High School Drama Club trip is fast approaching. Every year, the Drama Club takes a field trip using the funds raised through the fall play, which this year was The Red Velvet Cake War.

Drama Club advisor Matt Huberman, director of The Red Velvet Cake War, remarked that this year’s trip was, “sort of a reward for the hard work and effort put into the past play.”

The trip will consist of a group of 10 to 20 Drama Club members enjoying an overnight stay in Boston, where they will see authentic theater shows such as Shear Madness, eating classic food, and even seeing the Blue Man Group perform. The trip is scheduled for the Friday and Saturday of May 29 and 30.

Drama Club itself is focused mostly on the play in the fall and a musical in the spring. The annual trip is a reward for the success of the play, as the trip is funded by the proceeds of the fall performance. These events are not limited only to trips, however. In the past the rewards have been events such as a skill building improvisation class. Last year, members of the Drama Club had the opportunity to study with the White Heron Theater Company and enhance their acting skills.

The White Heron Theater Company is an organization devoted to producing transformative productions of classical plays and providing educational experiences. The non-profit theater company originated in New York in 2005, and moved to Nantucket in December 2011. White Heron hopes to incorporate more theater into Nantucket culture, and is in the process of developing the Nantucket Theatre Institute, hoping to bring professionals from around the country to perform and educate. Huberman says he would like to return to improv in the future, as he thought many of the members benefited from it.

“It’s tough in our school, without the theater program, to give students interested in acting real skill-building opportunities, so what I’m most excited for [about this trip] is for everyone to go and see how careers can be made out of this business, and what professionalism looks like,” said Huberman.

Freshman Amelia Murphy, looking forward to three more years as a Drama Club member, agreed.

“I am excited to see the shows,” she said, “I hope to experience professional theater and performance on a larger stage than I ever have.”

Drama Club is full of actors, singers, dancers, and anyone who wants to be involved in the satisfaction of producing a show. Going to Boston will not only provide them with a cultural experience, but show them professional acting and give them the opportunity to witness a production with firsthand knowledge of the effort and commitment it takes to make it happen. That being said, the trip to Boston is not only a wonderful bonding and learning experience, but a rewarding chance to view a play from an entirely different perspective, with a newfound appreciation for the theater community.