Why don’t we converse on the phone anymore?

Nate Goss


(April 16, 2015)  When I was little, the amount of work required to hang out with my friends was tremendous. First I would have to look up their home phone number in the telephone book, then I would call their house and ask their mother or father if they could come over to play. Then one of our parents would have to drive us to the other’s house and pick us up hours later. While this is all much easier now, one thing I miss about it is the phone call. It may seem odd that the awkward exchange with my friend’s parent is something I miss, but it is. Well, maybe not the awkward part.

But really, when is the last time you talked to somebody on the phone just for the heck of it? It seems strange that we spend hours texting our friends when we could simply call them and have the same conversation in a fraction of the time. Not to mention, when you’re talking on the phone it’s much easier to understand what the person on the other end is saying. You can hear the inflections they put on words and attitude with which they say things. So why don’t we call each other at night or on the weekends to shoot the breeze? One could argue it is because texting gives us more time to think of what to say and how to say it, but in the end it’s only talking. We talk to each other every day, yet when we’re home we immediately turn to the slow, tedious dance of typing and watching the little bubbles move up and down on the screen.

We seem to have become so reliant on texting that it has begun to be prioritized above more important activities, notably driving. While talking on the phone and driving can still be dangerous, it is far less so than glancing down at your phone to type a message to a friend. With all of the deaths that occur each year from texting while driving, why haven’t we started calling each other to continue conversation when we get into a car? Not only is it safer, but it also allows you to have some company while you’re in the car.

Of course talking on the phone while driving still has its risks, but if you simply can’t wait to converse with your friend, doesn’t a simple phone call make more sense? For a generation that’s supposed to be so far into the digital age, texting seems like a very slow way to do things. So let’s take a lesson from our elders; the next time you’re going to text your friend, call him/her up instead, you’ll feel more connected to them and you’ll save yourself a load of time.

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